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Cultural heritage

Roll Photo has for several years worked with photography in the field of history and cultural heritage. Among the projects is documentation of historic sites and buildings along old pilgrim paths in Norway as well as documentation of traditional building traditions in Japan, Norway, and Sweden.


A photographic journey through our rich architectural history. This is a part of a cultural exchange project that we have been working on for several years. (see more)

Switzerland's rich architectural history is fascinating.

I am currently working on photographing buildings in and around the city of Bern, one of Europe's most interesting cities.

(see more)


Meetings is a photo exhibition about the joy of walking, the happiness of arriving, and the meetings along the way. The idea for this photo exhibition came in the wake of a journey along the near 1000-year-old pilgrim path from the medieval part of Oslo to the pilgrimage destination Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim.

​The exhibition took place in the ancient archbishop's castle in Trondheim and was opened by the cultural minister of Norway.


This project is a collaboration with architect Nicolas Croze. Through research and travels in Norway and Japan, we have documented traditional building art and looked at similarities and differences in construction methods and appearance. The project has been presented in Japan and Norway. In Japan, we have also held a workshop for architecture students. 

(see more photos)

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