I am working in a wide range of photography, both editorial and for clients, as well as own artistic projects.

I  have published the photo documentary book 

Bildilla on Kagge Publishing and published several

photos in magazines and books, the latter being the book "Ich bin dann mal im Keller", published by Insel Verlag, Berlin. 

Graduate of Academy of Fine Arts and the School of architecture in Copenhagen and the Art Academy/NTNU in Trondheim, Norway.

Eskil Roll. Photographer 

Do you need a photographer for architectphoto, editorial or commercial work?

As I often find that the best results come from natural lightening, I love to do outdoor photography, but I will always look for the best place for your photoshoot, either at your location or somewhere else.

Questions? Don´t hesitate to get in touch!

Both Messenger and sms is great, or just pick up the phone and call: 0047-415 87 739

You can also send e-mail: eskilroll@gmail.com

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2010 - 2014

Norwegian University of

Science and Technology/

Trondheim Academy of Fine Art ntnu.no

2009 - 2010

Norwegian School  of Photography


2003 - 2004 & 2006 - 2007

School of Architecture Copenhagen


2001 - 2002: Den Skandinaviske Designhøyskole, Denmark



Publications & Exhibitions



Ryddeglede - Book - Cappelen Damm Forlag

Oslo Norway


2018 Meetings - Exhibion Photo 18, Zürich


2017 - Meetings - Exhibition in Erkebispegården, Trondheim, Norway 

2016 - Photo published in the book Ich bin dann mal im Keller, by author Bjørn Gabrielsen. Insel Verlag Berlin

2106 - Photo published in the book 

Mancave, by author Bjørn Gabrielsen

Atlas Contact Amsterdam


Bildilla - Book - Kagge Forlag

Oslo Norway

2014 - 2016

Matlyst Magazine



2013 - 2015

Portal Magazine

Issue 1 - 5


Cappelen Damm Forlag

Kagge Forlag

Insel Verlag, Berlin

Forlaget Atlas Contact, Amsterdam


Blue Wings/Finn Air


Nasjonalt Pilegrimssenter/

Nidaros Kirkes Restaureringsarbeider

Stiklestad Pilegrimsenter

SIT Moholt

Schweizer Alpen Club

Kvint Blendex

Jacobs Utvalgte

Gulating Ølutsalg

Radisson Blue Hotel

Rindalshytter as

Møller Bil as

Toyota Hell Bil as

Matlyst Magazine

Mathall Trondheim

Portal Magazine