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Good food & nice people. Editorial work for magazines and websites
(Click on photos for a closer look)

Local cheese products

Coverphoto for Matlyst

Fruit & vegetables from local farmers

Rosmarin. Photoshoot for Matlyst Magazine

Fresh local seafood

Meat and meatproducts from local farms

First time tablesetting. At construction site for Mathall Trondheim

Chef Mikael Leiknes. Photoshoot from Radisson SAS restaurant no.73.

Norwegian aquavit. At Berg Gård. Norway

"Flatbrød" is a norwegian speciality

Masterchef Rene Fagerhoi. Client: Oi Foodfestival

Restaurant manager Erik Lier. At Mathall Trondheim

Coverphoto for Matlyst

Coverphoto for Matlyst

Mikael Leiknes' cod recipe

Speciality from Mathallen Restaurant

Awardwinning cheese. Made by Gangstad at Innerøya.

Owner of Jacobsen & Svart Coffeshop. Norway

The best coffee. Made by Tony Jacobsen

Cupping. By Tony Jacobsen

Applejam & honey! Photoshoot for Mathall Trondheim

Cheese & raspberries

Cheese. Photoshoot for Mathallen

Tasty red onions. Photoshoot for Matlyst Magazine

Pastinak. Photoshoot for Matlyst Magazine

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